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We create the products and provide the services needed for our growing number of consumers seeking an improved and reformed essential healthy wellbeing & holistic lifestyle. We believe that by promoting the benefits of natural and holistic applications and focusing on the mind-body & soul as a whole; we can then begin to achieve optimum health and wellness.

With concentrations in naturopathic and alternative medical methods, our products utilize all forms of natural resources, eliminating toxins, and preservatives that are unnecessary and unhealthy for our bodies. Broadening our understanding of naturopathic and alternative health & wellness we find that the mind-body and soul to work together as one, and so should be assessed and treated as a whole. 


   Holistic Health

   Our bodies and each system should be treated as a whole, not as collections of its parts.  Holistic Health addresses the mind-body, & spirit. 

   It searches for the underlying cause of symptoms, rather then simply covering them up with medications...and allows you to BE HEALTHY.

Essentially Magick is here to aid in the long-term support necessary for continuation on the path of positive health and wellness. With a platform, that can provide resources for clients at any stage in their journey so they can be successful.



I am Dani the face behind the products that you all love. I am the creator of the recipes that I customize for each one of my shoppers as well as the alchemist whom hand mixes and blends it all together. I am a student who is constantly learning how to bring everyone back to their greatness naturally. I am a licensed medical professional who understands how important our bodies are. But more than anything I am the Sagittarius who embarked on her journey and embraced my path. 


With the understanding and knowledge of who I AM, aware of the path I walk, trusting of my gifts, and using my knowledge and experience in the medical field I learned the importance of treating the WHOLE body.  It was then that I decided to help others not only understand the concept of holism but provide resources and services as well.  Guiding others down an alternative medical path, linking the mind body and soul back together, and utilizing natural methods

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