Essential Vibrations

es·sen·tial əˈsen(t)SHəl 


plural noun essentials

  1. a thing that is absolutely necessary.

    fundamentals basics rudiments principles first principles foundations preliminaries groundwork, essence basis core 

  2. the fundamental elements or characteristics of something.

Essential Vibrations is our core, it is the energy that keeps us awake, and vibrating higher.  It is the understanding, the knowledge and the root of our mission and goal.  It provides the esoteric essentials needed to bring balance and completion to our unification. 

 The direction and goal of Essentially Magick is to embrace all parts of us so we can live our destined life and feel fulfilled.  The resources are all around us and inside of us.    

We embrace knowledge, wisdom, change, and universal love.  We hope to spread the same, and share our gifts with others. 

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