Is that magick pixie dust in my coffee?

I woke up to this email...and unless the sandman was passing messages to tinkerbell, my energy is definitely sending out "Tgdjvwhx$% me waves"

Have you forgotten you are Magic?!

It is easy to forget and disconnect from the true essence of your being.

We have all been there. We get caught up in the day to day happenings of life. We get caught up with our families, friends, work, bills, appointments, etc. etc. etc.

But you are MAGIC! Don't ever forget it!

You are both the lock and the key to open your life up to limitless possibilities. To manifest everything you desire!

Here are a few ways to get your MAGIC back! 1. Take a deep cleansing breath. 2. Take a darn vacation. 3. Focus on things that really matter. If what you are stressing over won't matter a year from now, or 5 years from now - let it go. 4. Meditate. Make the time. No excuses. Find your center and you will remember that the magic has been there all along. 5. Give yourself a f#%$ing break! I know it may come as a shock, but you aren't perfect. But here is a secret - (spoiler alert) NO ONE IS PERFECT!! 6. Take a cleansing bath. Find some nice essential oils, like Lavender, or Rosemary - add some Epsom or Himalayan salt, light a candle and relax a little! 7. Sage. Sage. Sage. And then Sage some more! 8. Give less of your energy to people who don't return it in kind. 9. Take a hike. Literally. Get outside and walk or run or hike or dance, or whatever gets your body moving. Move the energy around and release that pent up energy! 10. Take a nap. :)

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