Metal Bars

An excerpt from my last letter to my dad.....

.....I def wanna hear your insight on kemetics, it follows along my beliefs views and truths on things. And as I continued to read down the pages I could feel my thoughts and words coming across the paper as if I was getting my reassurance from the universe. The sad thing is with this path and that reassurance I know there are plenty who will not walk next to me, or with me. I truly think this key #3 is a path of others, and not personal self....and i've realized that since I noticed self gratification does nothing for me, its like I raise, nurture, supply, provide blah blah blah for everyone else, and that alone is satisfying. I'm well versed in things and I just feel there's a shift coming, its time that the masters awaken and remember, unify the mind body and soul, release the veil.....and you sir you sit in the placement of the top of the sephiroth...

Now this might seem random, but I had to share the prelude to the insight i received in his response. When your trailing on the path of your understood purpose and the universe just drops a dynamite of reassurance, clarity, and just def have to share!

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