Shaking discouragement and welcoming positivity

So the idea of promoting my own line of products came from years of creating and living a natural holistic lifestyle. Everyone kept pushing and pushing the products so I created Natural Royalty. I then began to become spiritually conscious and created Essential Vibrations; my Facebook group filled with various people and ideas, all searching for their path, purpose or understanding of it all. Well last year when I went through my own transformation; I decided that I needed a bigger better platform to utilize, so that's where Essentially Magick came from. I wanted to make sure we all had the essentials needed to utilize our own innate magick. Now coming from a medical background with training, by laws, rules and regulations; to business owner and guide was definitely a change. I guess I hoped that all would just migrate over from their previous dealings with me and jump on board with the bigger better platform. That I would be able to handle both admin and manufacturing and still fit in marketing, training and education and all would be great. To my surprise that has not been the case. It is been a long tiring tedious experience with more dissapointed results and discouraging feelings. What happened? Where did the sideline encouragement go? Why can't I seem to locate all the support I was told I would have?

Long nights of brainstorming and laughter and hope are now filled with sleepless days of solitude, searching, and discouragement. Now I say all this not to declare defeat, but to conquer willpower and motivation, fuel drive and optimism and to radiate awareness and truth. Trucking through this process has been a journey but it's not over, it's just beginning. I replaced agreements with understanding, support with vitality, motivation with determination and moments with essentials. Its an innate process for me, a journey that is embedded in my DNA and futile for my growth. So I can't welcome discouragement I can only radiate success.

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