Herbal Blends


With the option to pick and choose your own herbs and oils, you can create a personal herbal blend for aromatherapy,  baths, teas, smudging, potpourri pots,  and more.  

The benefits of herbs and oils are endless and provide so many varying and essential properties necessary for health and wellness, catering to the mind body and soul.  

I'm encouraging you to get a reading, pick your herbs for your sachet,  take some time for yourself to reconnect, and utilize this energy for the upcoming year.   

  • Customization

    Herbal Blends will be limited to 1 herb per ounce and the choice of 1 or 2 oils.   The essential oils will be provided in a separate 2mL vial, to preserve the shelf life of herbs.  Only if requested will herbs and oils be combined as well as multiple oils combined together.  

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