Scrubs for Face or Body

Scrubs for Face or Body


Our salt scrub is made with dead sea salt and Himalayan. The two varying salts bring their own properties to the creation. Himalayan salt is used for its relaxing and whine down properties and benefits those seeking peace and relaxation, removal of the daily stresses and all-around nice soak. For skin healing and skin therapy, dead sea salt can begin the soothing of inflamed skin with, help the essential process of shedding the dry and flaky skin, and slow down the scaring or aging of mature skin. Always leaving essential minerals in return. Salts include a light carrier oil for skin hydration, a light scent for aromatherapy and a scooping spoon.


Sugar can be substituted instead of salt for face scrubs or sensitive skin.


Our Foot Scrub is made a little different with a baking soda added for a slightly different abrasive feel, as well as a neutralizer for any types of impurities the foot may have.



    Chose between Epsom and Dead Sea Salt.  


     Scrubs are not recommended for usage on broken or thin skin.

     Please contact me if you have any allergies prior to shipment.  As always discontinue use if any rash or itching occurs.  

  • Exchanges, Cancellations, Returns and Refunds


    We will exchange if there is an issue with product order or a medical concern. I must be contacted within the first two days with reason for exchange. After validation we will gladly ship another product at no charge to you.    


    Order can only be cancelled, and full price returned if cancelled within 24 hours.  Cancellations after the first 24 hours will only receive 50% of order total.


    I do not accept returns.  Contact me if you have any problems with your order.


    Refunds are granted on a case by case basis. 

  • Shipping and Processing

    Processing time:

    The time needed to prepare an order for shipping varies. If preparation calls for longer then 7 days customer will be notified with delay reason. Due to the ingredients used and certain customizations, orders generally take 3 days to prepare after finalization of order.

    Orders must be paid in full including shipping cost before order will ship.

    We strive to provide chosen shipping method, but we are not responsible for delays after product has been sent off. We will provide tracking numbers with all shipped orders.

  • Additional Info

    Please contact me prior to shipment if you have any allergies or health conditions that could be triggered by the product. Discontinue use if any rash or itching occurs or worse. The discontinued use of commercial products will allow for better results. Do to all-natural ingredients, the product may separate or change appearance which is normal.  Recommended shelf life varies by product, but we advise that products be used within 30 days, after 30 days product should be refrigerated. Check product label for more detail. Avoid water inside the product container, water can cause contamination and cause product to become rancid as well as decrease shelf life.  Products may discolor washcloths, towels or clothes.

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